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In Cameroon beats the heart of Africa; still spared by major tourist migrations; Cameroon offers the traveler in search of a change of scenery; all the diversity of its landscapes; its cultures and its people. The immense equatorial forest;

rivers cut by rapids and spectacular waterfalls; the lunar landscapes of the North; the tawny-colored savannah inhabited by an impressive fauna, the kilometers of deserted beaches shaded by coconut palms; are all invitations to travel to this country which gives the full measure of the African continent.

A true crossroads of meeting of great African lineage, Cameroon brings together no less than two hundred ethnic groups who each convey their language, their customs and their traditional beliefs: pygmies, Sudanese; Bantu and semi-Bantu

The plurality of all these faces unites the country In the west, the great festivals of the chiefdoms of the Bamileke countries offer a colorful festival of hats bristling with red feathers and masks with multicolored beads. Whether in wood, pearl or animal skin, the masks perpetuate throughout the country forms and ideas that date back to the dawn of time.

Beyond Cameroon… It is all of black Africa that is available to you for a

unique and unforgettable holiday.

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