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Situated in the south of Cameroon and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, the Dja reserve covers an area of 5260 km2, where more than 1500 plant species have been counted. As for the fauna, there are more than 107 mammals and 320 species of birds scattered in and around the reserve, including elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees. Ideal for eco-tourism lovers. In the Dja biodiversity reserve, you will live a unique experience in the company of pygmies, the first inhabitants of the equatorial forest, who will introduce you to hunting, fishing, traditional medicine and traditional honey gathering. At night, the whole tribe will perform for you their dance around a big fire.
A mecca for Cameroonian tourism, Rhumsiki is lost in an extra-terrestrial landscape created by volcanic dykes, gigantic lava peaks from volcanic chimneys, which have protruded from the surface of the ground, as if they had burst the earth’s vault! On the horizon is the Mandara Mountains chain: a dreamlike vision. During these few days of trekking, discovery of the Komas tribes, we discover from village to village, from mountain to mountain (between 1400 and 1700 m) through unpublished landscapes, the way of life, beliefs, as well as ancestral practices of this people simply dressed in a sex-cover made of branches. The women simply dressed in a loincloth of leaves smoke pipes and go about their business between the kitchen and the fields. Walks in these exceptional regions can last from 3 hours to a week, a highlight in the discovery of the peoples and cultures of North Cameroon ! An immersion out of time and off the beaten track, in the heart of the Africa of wizards, griots, magic and your dreams of explorers…And the opportunity for trekking and sport climbing.

Day 1 : Europe – Yaoundé.
Reception at the Yaounde international airport by the Yoko Tours team, transfer to the hotel, installation, dinner, briefing on the stay and overnight.
Day 2 : Yaounde – Somalomo Dja Reserve.
Breakfast, departure for Somalomo with several stops along the way where we will try to discover the ways of life, arrived in Somalomo transfer to the Dja reserve after administrative formalities and meeting with the local team of Carriers / guide and shrine guard on the way to the camp of the Pygmies, we settle in a camp of the Baka’a people, (dinner and overnight in tents).
Day 3 : Dja Reserve
(Activity day with the Baka’a Pyrenees) After breakfast, on the way to the Pygmy village. Arrival at the pygmies. Installation, lunch. Discovery and participation in the various activities that punctuate the daily life of these men, the first inhabitants of the equatorial forest; initiation to hunting, fishing, gathering, traditional medicine. Cultural evening, they will perform their dances. They will tell you tales and legends of the forest, around the fire. Dinner and night in tents. Total immersion in nature.
Day 4 : Dja Reserve (morning activities with the Baka’a Pyrenees)
Day of activities with the Pygmies in the heart of the primary forest: hiking in the forest and gathering various forest fruits, net hunting, gathering medicinal plants, local fishing and honey collection and other activities. return to the vehicle in somalomo where we will take the road to Yaoundé again to take the train to North Cameroon, night train to Ngaoundéré.
Day 5 : Ngaoundéré – Idole – Ngaoundéré
Arrival at N’Gaoundéré passenger station, ‘we will pick up our vehicle from the northern part of Cameroon transfer to the transcam hotel then lunch afternoon departure for the village Idole for a meeting with the
Lamido traditional Fulani chief with a detour to the falls of Tello, back to town dinner and overnight.

Day 6 : Ngaoundéré – Poli – Mango.
Breakfast, departure from the region of the water tower of Cameroon (Ngaoundere) to the northern region in the department of Faro in Poli, arrived for lunch and then on the way to the village of Mango where we will live one night in tents with the people of this region (Doyo and Dupa) dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 7 : Mango – Konle – Poli – Rônier Valley.
Breakfast, departure from Mango to the village Konle, visit the blacksmith of Konle and return to the vehicle to allow us to take the road to the valley of Rônier, arrival installation in a Dota family or Fulani Dinner and overnight in tents.

Day 8 : Valley of Ronier – GODE – Wangaï.
Breakfast, departure for the Atlantika Mountains with a trek of 2 to 3 hours walk in the morning to reach the village of GODE to take the vehicle to the village of Wangaï our starting point for the trek in the Atlantika Mountains at the komas, installation dinner and overnight in tents.

Trek in the Atlantika Mountains (activity day)
There is no set itinerary because, depending on the activity of the different villages,We seek to meet these unique tribes, like the Komas, and to discover the places where traditional life is most present.
Dressed in a foliage sex patch, the women smoke pipes and lead a peaceful life as farmers and shepherds with their men, who are often seen with their weapons (bows, arrows, assegais) slung across their shoulders. We pass through the villages.
A river runs through this mountain and, depending on the flow, swimming is possible !
Every evening, we set up our camp in the saré of the lamido and have the possibility to spend some time with the inhabitants, with all due humility and respect. Dinner and night in tents.

Morning wake up, breakfast, departure for the trekking in the villages and meeting with the Koma population. The Komas have an astonishing peculiarity to celebrate certain occasions : after the ingestion of a specific plant, the dances are punctuated by very scatological noises… We are in the country of the legendary Komas farting! Dinner and night at Poli.
5 to 6 hours walk per day
Day 12 : Poli – Ngaoundéré train to Yaoundé
Morning wake up, breakfast, departure for N’Gaoundéré to take the train to Yaoundé.
Day 13 : Yaoundé – Mefou Park – Ebogo-Yaoundé-Paris
Arrival of Yaoundé, installation at the hotel for a day use. Breakfast at the hotel. Departure from Yaoundé to Mbalmayo; stop at the Mefou National Park, which was created in 1999 within the framework of a partnership between MINFOF (Ministry of Forests and Wildlife) and the NGO CWAF (Cameroon Wildlife Aid Foundation). 1050 hectares of land are used to house primates recovered during customs seizures or found mutilated at the edge of the park or on construction sites. This park also serves as a transition before reintroducing an animal that has been at the zoo. There are mainly gorillas and chimpanzees), which shelters the primates (gorillas, monkeys, chimpanzees).
Return to Yaoundé and departure for the airport.Flight end of stay
-Meet & Greet and airport/hotel/airport transfers
3 nights in the hôtel accommodation according to the chosen catogery
– 6 nights Camping equipment for nights under tents on the Mont Atlantika
-Full board on safari from lunch on Day 2
to breakfast on Day 4 and day6 to day 12
-Transport in air conditioned vehicle
-Private or collective touring
-Local english speakind guide
-Entrance fees
-Fuel, Local Government Taxes and
– Unlimited mineral water refi ll in the
– Trekking guide
-Group trekking equipment: Tents, camp
stove, cooking utensils, cutlery
• Personal trekking equipment: Gaiters,
backpacks, walking canes, sleeping
bags, liners, sleeping pads.
The highlights of your stay in Cameroon
-Discovery of fauna and flora of Dja biodiversity reserve, heritage of humanity
-Your stay and night in a tent with the pygmies, in the middle of the equatorial forest
-activities among the pygmies (hunting, fishing, picking palm wine, harvesting honey), initiation to traditional medicine, construction of the pygmy hut
– Cultural evening with the pygmies (dance, storytelling ; legends of the forest.
During these few days of trek in the MontsAtlantikas, discovery of the komas tribes, their way of life, their beliefs, as well as the ancestral practices of this people simply dressed in a thong made of branches. The women simply dressed in a loincloth of leaves smoke a pipe and busy themselves between the kitchen and the fields.
A highlight in the discovery of the cultures of the North -Cameroon. ! An immersion out of time and off the beaten track, in the heart of the Africa of wizards, griots, magic and our dreams of explorers
Cameroonian gastronomy and the hospitality of its people

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