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Welcome to Cameroon

The heart of Africa beats in Cameroon, involved in tourism activities.

It offers a diversity of landscapes, cultures and people; the immense equatorial forest; rivers with spectacular waterfalls; the lunar landscapes of the North; the tawny savannah inhabited by an impressive fauna; kilometer-long beaches shaded by coconut trees are some of the attractions, which give the visitor a full taste of what Africa looks like.

Cameroon is a meeting point of the African lineage, for it brings together at least two hundred ethnic groups each with its language, culture and traditional beliefs: pygmies, Sudanese, bantus and semi- bantus…this diversity gives unity to the country…during the fantasia, which takes place in the northern part of the country with warriors dressed in coats of mail and wearing helmets on horseback, in a cloud of dust with their horses richly decorated.

In Oudjila, you can participate in the wild dance of women celebrating the harvest.

In the Kapsikis area, you may ask the crab soothsayer to tell your future.

In the south, in the equatorial forest, pygmies will entertain you with the Buma dance.

In the West region, the great feast of the Bamilekes chiefdoms offers you a colorful festival of hats with red feathers and masks of multicolored pearls. Whether they are in wood, in pearls or in animal skins, the masks perpetuate throughout the country shapes and ideas dating back to the beginning of time.

Beyond Cameroon, it is the whole of black Africa that offers you unique and unforgettable holidays.



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