Take on the "Chariot of the Gods" Mount Cameroon, an active volcano dominates with its majesty the entire coastal region. The “Chariot of the Gods”. As would have been called,according to legend, Hanno the Carthaginian is the highest peak in the country. With its 4100 m has survived a flora dating from the quaternary. You can practice trekking, excursions and hikes thanks to the chalet’s refuges arranged all along the course of the eastern tip of the mountain. The ascent to the summit of 4100 m is both fascinating

Located on the border of Chad, Boubandjida National Park covers 220,000 hectares. It is the most beautiful and the wildest in Cameroon. With its magnificent setting and its rich and varied fauna, BOUBANDJIDA is the stronghold of the black rhinoceros and the Derby elk or horse-antelope, the most beautiful and largest of the antelopes (the male can weigh up to a ton) all both endangered. Whose fauna is composed of : Elands de Derby, Cobb de Buffons; Grimm's duikers, hippopotamuses, hypotraques, waterbucks, lions, monkeys of the baboon family,

Situated in the south of Cameroon and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, the Dja reserve covers an area of 5260 km2, where more than 1500 plant species have been counted. As for the fauna, there are more than 107 mammals and 320 species of birds scattered in and around the reserve, including elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees. Ideal for eco-tourism lovers. In the Dja biodiversity reserve, you will live a unique experience in the company of pygmies, the first inhabitants of the equatorial forest, who

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